Our Mission…..

Our mission is to propose

the best results for our customers by utilizing the three strengths of



R Collection’s service is

“video production”, “contents marketing”, “trade business”, “matching management”

Creative, marketing and accounting professionals can help you.

Cooking videos, recipe videos, shop PR videos, exhibition videos, signage videos, etc…..
From planning to production and distribution, we are committed to maximizing and succeeding your video marketing performance to meet your needs.

With our extensive experience, knowledge and technology of web consulting, we are confident that our company’s content marketing will help our customers.

We are the official distributor in Japan of PAVONI, the largest silicone mold and kitchen goods manufacturer in Italy. We introduce Japanese kitchen products to overseas markets, provide consulting services for overseas markets, and sell them overseas.

We use our resource and network to solve your problems. We provide a wide range of information, introduce our business partners, introduce our sales channels, and support the resolution of various business needs.